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Addiction Medicine

FMRI is proud to be offering a fellowship in addiction medicine. We are enrolling one fellow per year who is residency trained in family medicine or internal medicine. We are partnering with the Boise VA hospital, who is also offering a fellowship. By drawing from the best resources available for the care of patients with substance use disorders in the Boise area and in the state of Idaho.


We believe that we have developed a very strong program which will produce highly trained addiction medicine physicians who will have the knowledge and skills to work in a wide variety of settings, including one where they would be providing regional expertise in addiction medicine care while also helping to meet the primary care needs of a community.



If interested please email Dr. Todd Palmer, Program Director (Todd.Palmer@fmridaho.org) and/or Holly Taniguchi, the Sponsoring Institution Coordinator (Holly.Taniguchi@fmridaho.org) and we would be happy to answer any questions and provide additional information.


The fellow will have a weekly MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) clinic and a weekly continuity clinic in the area of his/her specialty so that they can maintain their clinical skills acquired during their residency.

There will be a half day a week dedicated to didactics where all topics related to addiction medicine will be covered. We will tap into local, regional and national expertise in the delivery of these.

We look for fellows who enjoy being in an academic environment considering that the fellow will be engaged in teaching residents, medical students, and community attendings through rounds, clinic precepting, and lecturing. Our fellow will also participate as an expert panel member in the University of Idaho’s ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) program which serves the state of Idaho and provides education and mentoring related to substance use disorders and pain management.

The fellow will also be given a month where four days a week will be dedicated to producing a journal article or poster presentation in addiction medicine.

We will be funding and sending our fellow to the American Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Conference and a comprehensive addiction medicine board review class.

Training Facility

The fellowship consists of a wide range of educationally rich training experiences which will include rotations in:

  • Chemical dependency rehab and detox units, both in an urban and rural setting.
  • Outpatient opioid treatment centers where the fellow will gain expertise in the use of methadone, buprenorphine, and Naltrexone.
  • Outpatient pain clinic Substance use disorder counseling centers.
  • A clinic specializing in substance use in pregnancy.
  • An alcohol detox and rehab center.
  • A pediatric and adolescent psychiatry unit which will include patients with substance abuse.
  • A hospital inpatient chemical dependency consult service.
  • The Idaho State Medicaid Office with their Medical Director learning how policy decisions are made related to controlled substances and substance use disorders