Rural Tar Wars Presentations

In collaboration with the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians, our residents on rural rotation present the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Tar Wars Program to fifth grade classrooms while on rural rotation. This not only helps to fight tobacco use in our Idaho youth, but also gives these physicians-in-training the opportunity for growth and bonding in a rural Idaho community, cultivating leadership, and confidence to bring more public service to the community they choose after graduation. If you would like to work with one of our residents during a rural rotation, please contact us!

Rural Meth Prevention Community Education

In collaboration with the Idaho Meth Project, the Idaho Hospital Association and the Idaho Rural Health Association, FMRI residents have lead and taught a unique approach to fighting meth use on a local level. Working together, FMRI residents and faculty are leading discussions with local leaders in education, healthcare, law enforcement, and legislation to promote the “Not Even Once” campaign on a local level. Likewise, residents are presenting to high-school aged children and their parents to include education on the message of prevention and even role-playing discussing tough issues with your kids.


FMRI Alumni continue to be a great resource for teaching, precepting, advocacy leadership, partners in research, and most of all, caring for Idaho patients and communities. At FMRI, we value our graduates not only because of all we have invested in them but also for what each of them has given back to us.