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Current Residents

Josef Bartels, MD, MPH

Boise Program 2019

I was planning on being a HS teacher, when midway through an HIV prevention project with the Peace Corps in Velyki Mosty, Ukraine, I realized that many of my professional idols were physicians. I am drawn toward the intersection of public health and clinical medicine. I’m lead to pursue medicine as a tool to address social injustices and human suffering both at home and abroad. I perceive health as a human right and the physician’s job to include facilitating the social, political, and environmental conditions necessary for well-being. Family medicine specializes in achieving and maintaining medical and psychiatric wellness for individuals and communities and I’m excited to enter this field as the importance and cost-effectiveness of primary care is finally being empirically demonstrated and payment models move away from fee-for-service. But the core of doctoring may be decisions shared between physicians, patients, and their loved ones surrounding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human pathology. I’ve chosen the FMRI as my training ground to develop some of the insight and knowledge required to augment patients’ autonomy during these difficult decisions. I learn by doing and the FMRI is in the top echelon of FM residencies in terms of breadth of clinical experiences available combined with the high expectations and levels of responsibility granted to residents on every rotation. My co-residents are inspiring and fun to be around, and the attendings both on faculty and around town are excited to teach and supportive as humans. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing violin/fiddle, cooking, reading, writing, podcasts, gardening, and local breweries. Boise is full of young professionals and my partner and I enjoy the plentiful eating, drinking, art, music, festival, and socializing opportunities downtown as well as vibrant Latino communities in the surrounding areas. I enjoy being outside, which makes Boise an easy and delightful place to live. Bicycling for fun and transportation is important to me, and 190mi of single track mountain biking, 25 miles of greenbelt park, well marked bike lanes, and conscientious drivers (IMO) create a very bikeable city. I run on many of the same trails and I also enjoy kayaking, enduro motorbikes, soccer, Nordic skiing, natural hot springs, and backpacking. After residency, I’ll likely pursue an academic fellowship to advance the study of continuity and the role of the hospital in chronic disease as payment model changes introduce unforeseen incentives and externalities. Clinically, I’d like to support a panel of patients with serious chronic illness, splitting time between inpatient, outpatient, teaching, and research. Other dreams TBD include IHS, PHSCC, or service abroad with MSF. Feel free to get in touch! Hometown: Santa Fe, NM Undergrad: Haverford College Medical School: University of Rochester Languages: Spanish, Ukrainian

Nichole Aker, DO

Boise Program 2021

Nicky was born in Salem, Oregon where she lived until she was 10 years old. She moved to China with her family where they lived for 5 years. She also spent time in Japan and Chile before returning to Oregon. She graduated from Portland State University where she continued her studies in Mandarin and then went on to attend medical school at Western University of Health Sciences in Lebanon, Oregon. Before medical school, Nicky worked in her family’s produce export business as well as worked as a residential treatment counselor for pregnant and parenting teen mothers. She also volunteered her time at a local hospital as a birth doula. Within family medicine, Nicky is particularly interested in women’s health.

Nicky, her husband Ryan, and their son Timmy, are all very excited to be in Idaho and are looking forward to exploring all that Idaho has to offer.

Louie Bartoletti, MD

Boise Program 2019

Hello Boise,
My name is Louie Bartoletti and I am excited and honored to be a new FMRI resident. I grew up at the base of the Tobacco Root Mountain Range in Montana, and while camping, skiing, on horseback, and building cabins, those mountains have produced many of my fondest memories and most profound reflections. In the small town below, I spent my youth immersed in the resplendence and beauty of the intimate relationships and interwoven tapestries of life unique to rural communities. There, I was first introduced to the profession of Family Medicine shadowing my own physician whom I had known since my first vaccinations. Her warmth, rapport, and familiarity with patients, borne through years of caring for multiple generations, were so profoundly rich that the experience forever solidified my ambitions.

Living, learning, and sharing with other cultures are also among my primary interests. My family has hosted many exchange students and I too spent two years abroad living with families in Spain and Switzerland. While studying in undergrad for degrees in Biology and Spanish, I organized medical outreach to Eastern Europe, Central America, and Haiti. Alaska, where I worked operating heavy equipment, was home for several summers and a place I encountered unique people from all parts of the globe. Lastly, my wife, the beautiful Jade, and I have hit the road on multiple transcontinental trips through North America, South America, and SE Asia taking in the sights, making new friends, and learning more about the world.

Ultimately this desire to understand people with the hope to help them is what sustained my efforts through medical school and brought me to the Family Medicine Residency in Boise. As I continue building continuity with my patients, increasing my medical knowledge, furthering my procedural proficiency, and exploring the mountains of Idaho, I know both professionally and personally my wife and I made an excellent choice.

Reuben Baker, MD

Boise Program 2021

Reuben grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, went to college in North Carolina (Go Heels!), and then taught for a few years in New Orleans, Louisiana. After realizing he didn’t have the chops for teaching middle school, he decided to enter a post-bac program to complete his pre-med requirements with the goal of becoming a doctor. While applying to medical schools, he worked with patients as a case manager in an HIV clinic. It was during this experience that he knew he had made the right choice to pursue a career in medicine. He attended medical school at Brown University in Rhode Island where he met his partner, best friend, and now co-resident at FMRI, Ellen. They survived medical school by growing a garden together, taking frequent trips to the beach, hosting dinner parties, and babysitting for their favorite baby in the world. They are excited to learn broad-spectrum family medicine and to explore the beautiful state of Idaho!

Marion Cook, MD

Boise Program 2019

My interest in Family Medicine was inspired by several years serving Albuquerque’s diverse South Valley communities at the unique nonprofit clinic Casa de Salud. The clinicians and patients were the first of many excellent teachers and mentors I’ve had on my path in medicine. I learned many valuable clinical concepts and skills there, including harm reduction by working with the needle exchange and opiate addiction group. The core ideas of adapting to needs and honoring dignity in difficult circumstances were well aligned with what I had learned in my former work as a backpacking expedition leader for teenagers with Outward Bound School, promoting leadership, group skills, and personal growth. At FMRI I found a strong team of residents and faculty committed to the same values I cherish, who I knew would inspire, challenge, and support me to do my best. My other interests keep expanding despite busy schedules and include knitting, biking, baking, writing, gardening, everything found in libraries, and generally being outdoors with my partner and our dogs. Hometown: Houston, TX and Albuquerque, NM Undergrad: Liberal Arts / Philosophy (a Great Books program) Medical School: University of New Mexico Languages: Spanish

Michael Claussen, MD

Boise Program 2021

Coming Soon…

Scott Hippe, MD

Boise Program 2019

Howdy folks, my name is Scott and I am one of the FMRI residents entering in 2016. My journey to family medicine was fairly straightforward; I did a five-month rural rotation program in my third year and was impressed by the community of family physicians there. I was hooked by the specialty’s broad scope of practice and long-term relationship with patients. The icing on the cake is that it also allows me to practice in desirable places and fits within the overall health needs of the country. I showed up at FMRI and it did not take long for my wife to whisper to me “Scott, I think you found your people.” I was inspired by the rigorous overall curriculum here and the chance to develop skills in a few of my specific interests (global health, obstetrics, procedures relevant to rural practice). Outside of medicine, there are a few “-ing” words that seem to follow me around. Examples include traveling, camping, writing, cooking, guitaring, and eating. I also try to stay active in a number of ways such as cycling and running. After college I spent two months pedaling my bike from Seattle to New York, accumulating an impressive array of spandex-tan lines. A few years ago I snuck into the back of the pack at the Boston Marathon and then spent multiple successive hours asking myself “what in the world were you thinking?” More physics-dependent endeavors, such as climbing, mountain biking, and basketball, are not my strong suit but I enjoy nonetheless. Both my wife and I saw Boise as a place highly conducive to many of our interests, and are excited to get started with both our jobs and our pastimes here. Hometown: Snohomish, WA Undergrad: Gonzaga University Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine Languages: English, Spanish

Annie Hofstetter, MD

Boise Program 2019

Annie, a Boise native, grew up spending most of her free time skiing and backpacking in the nearby Sawtooth Mountain range. When not in the mountains, she chased her passion on the soccer field. She continued on to play soccer at Idaho State University where she received her BS in Microbiology. Her interest in medicine was sparked by a medical mission trip to Chile where she developed a fondness for the doctor-patient relationship. The University of Nevada School of Medicine fostered Annie’s desire to provide patient-centered, holistic care. She’s now thrilled to begin her residency at the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho because of the exceptional mentorship and training it offers, the closeness of her immediate family in Boise, and the opportunity to play in her hometown foothills once again.

Undergrad: Idaho State University
Medical School: University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno

Laddie Crisp, MD

Boise Program 2021

Laddie was born, raised, and educated in North Carolina. He grew up in Kinston, a small rural farming town in eastern NC. Attending the local university at East Carolina University he dual majored in chemistry and biology.  After college, he tried multiple vocations before finding his calling in medicine. Initially he worked in a stem cell biology lab. During this time, he began his work in literacy; first volunteering with immigrants teaching citizenship classes and reading. Continuing his service to the community, he moved back to the coastal plains to teach science at the local high school. This experience finalized his desire to help the underserved. Growing up in the shadow of a full spectrum family physician, he knew the impact of a primary care doctor in a community, and followed his father’s footsteps into family medicine, attending his alma mater for medical school at East Carolina. During residency, he hopes to hone his skills in both outpatient and inpatient medicine. He is particularly interested in reaching at risk adolescents. Outside of work he enjoys getting outside, biking, and fishing with his wife Brynn.

Matthew Davis, MD

Boise Program 2021

Matt grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. His home state’s rugged beauty helped instill his appreciation for wild places. He studied neuroscience and Spanish in Bozeman, Montana and spent a semester in the Dominican Republic. During college, he became interested in medicine as a tool for social justice. He began to consider family medicine while volunteering at his hometown community health center where he was impressed by the broad skill set, dedication to health access, and joie de vivre displayed by the family doctors he worked with.

After college, Matt moved to Washington, D.C. to work in a neuroscience laboratory. Missing the immediacy of patient care, he next worked for a health center serving the area’s LGBT+ community. There, he confirmed that his passion lay in working with individual patients to address broader health disparities. Before entering medical school, Matt took a stab at his bucket list and completed two long-distance bicycle trips, traversed the U.S. by train, studied medical Spanish in Guatemala, and spent as much time in a tent as possible.

Matt completed an outpatient rotation at the FMRI during his fourth year and is thrilled to have matched here. The program’s rigor and breadth of training is a perfect fit for his goal of providing full-spectrum care in rural communities throughout Alaska and internationally. Over the next three years, he is excited to explore his clinical interests, including obstetrics, family planning, immigrant health, LGBT+ health, HIV prevention and care, and addiction medicine. In his free time, Matt enjoys trail running, hiking with his two dogs, telemarking, catching up on podcasts, and reading.

Undergrad: Montana State University, Bozeman
Medical School: George Washington University
Languages: Spanish


Melissa Roop, MD

Boise Program 2019

I came to medicine circuitously, first studying chemistry, then ecology, then Spanish. Over time, I realized that my main passions were creating a healthier, more sustainable world and getting to know people. Doctoring seemed like the place to start melding the things I cared about into a career. Throughout my medical school journey, I was drawn to people’s stories and found that one of my greatest joys is caring for people over time. These discoveries about myself, along with passions for both women’s and children’s health, made family medicine a natural choice for me. As an Idaho native aspiring to work in rural, full spectrum care, I am delighted to have the opportunity to train at FMRI – it allows me to stay close to the people and places that I love while being challenged and supported to become the best doctor I can be. I am most excited about FMRI’s strong pediatrics, obstetrics and procedures curricula, as well as the diverse patient population served by our FQHC clinic. Outside of work you might find me out on the trails with my partner and dog, cooking something tasty with veggies from my garden, singing on my back porch, or knitting yet another hat.

Hometown: Burley, ID
Undergrad: University of Idaho
Medical School: University of Washington
Languages: English, Spanish

Julie Duncan, MD

Boise Program 2021

Julie Duncan is coming to the FMRI Boise program from Missouri. She grew up in Springfield, MO and attended college at William Jewell in Liberty, MO. During college she studied abroad in Athens, Greece where she got involved with a mobile health unit that ran a needle exchange program. This experience sparked her interest in public health and she went on to earn her Master in Public Health with a concentration in international health at Boston University. During that time, she was able to spend 6 months in the Philippines to complete a practicum project addressing inhalant use among street children in Manila. After finishing her MPH, she took off to Lusaka, Zambia where she worked for 3 years on projects in preventing mother to child transmission of HIV and syphilis and on a pneumonia etiology case-control study. She returned to MO to attend med school at Mizzou and is excited to combine her interests in public health and medicine in a career in Family Medicine. She hopes to be an advocate for social justice in medicine and plans to pursue a career working with underserved populations. Outside of medicine, she enjoys going to concerts, biking on the trail, running, traveling and a good bit of karaoke. She’s super excited to get to know Boise and join the FMRI family.

Joey Florence, MD

Boise Program 2021

Joey Florence is a proud Idahoan, born and raised.  Growing up here, she learned to love the Idaho outdoors and the wonderful people who live here. Joey graduated from Bishop Kelly High School in Boise in 2009 then studied Exercise Science at University of Idaho in Moscow and participated in the Greek system as a Kappa Alpha Theta. During Joey’s time in Moscow, she worked as a gymnastics coach at Palouse Empire Gymnastics.  Joey also volunteered her time at a free health clinic in Lewiston, Idaho at Snake River Community Clinic.  After graduation from the University of Idaho, Joey started her medical school journey at the University of Washington’s Idaho WWAMI program.  She felt lucky to do most of her training in areas of Idaho including Moscow, Hailey, and Boise.  Through her training, it became clear that family medicine would be the perfect fit for her.  When her nose is not in the books, Joey loves playing board games, traveling, dancing and spending time with her loved ones (humans and dogs).  Her love of the outdoors continues to grow; when she finds the time, she rock climbs, hikes, and bikes.  She also has a passion for organized sport.  Her first love was gymnastics then later track & field.  In college, she found a love for Ultimate Frisbee,  now, she participates in local city-league volleyball. Her love of sports spilled over into professional life as a passion for sports medicine.  Joey laughs easily and feels joy from practicing medicine.  She looks forward to growing her medical knowledge with FMRI and describes that she feels blessed to continue to deepen her Idaho roots. 

Justin Shippen, DO

Boise Program 2019

Growing up on a farm in a small southeastern Idaho town, I gained a deep appreciation for what it means to be part of a rural community. Everyone knows everyone and relationships matter. My family doctors were my heroes growing up, as I saw the great role they played in the community. They worked tirelessly to ensure that solid healthcare was provided to my neighbors, friends, and local farmers, including my family and I. I hope to one day contribute in the way that they have. I enjoy the diverse spectrum of family medicine, and the wide variety of procedures it offers. I love being able to treat and care for patients as early as in the womb, as late as at death, and everywhere in between.

I chose to be a part of the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho because of the program’s long history of consistently training strong, competent physicians, and because of my great desire to practice here in my home state. The faculty members and leaders are dedicated, friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. My family and I have greatly enjoyed the active city of Boise.

My hobbies include fly-fishing, archery hunting, basketball and golf. I also enjoy playing the piano and guitar. Things that are important to me are my LDS faith, and my beautiful wife and two young, rambunctious daughters.

Hometown: Menan, Idaho
Undergraduate: Brigham Young University – Idaho
Medical School: Des Moines University – College of Osteopathic Medicine

Lauren Franklin, MD

Boise Program 2020

Lauren posing in the harbor

Lauren Franklin is a native Idahoan and proud of have grown up in the great city of Boise, Idaho. She left Idaho to attend Carroll College in Helena, Montana, where she studied Biology and ran on the cross country team.  While there, she continued her love of travel with a study abroad program in Israel.  Between college and medical school, she spent time working on women’s health projects in Chincha, Peru. She attended the University of Washington School of Medicine and was able to explore each of the “WWAMI” states  (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) during her four years there.  Lauren’s passion for patient care and interest in community health has motivated her to pursue a residency in family medicine. She also loves her hometown of Boise, so it was an easy decision to select FMRI as her first choice. An avid long-distance runner, Lauren loves to run in the foothills and recently participated in the Sawtooth Relay with her fellow WWAMI classmates, where the team received second place. Her love for her community, her family, the outdoors, great running trails, skiing, and a fun, vibrant, and artsy town made it her dream to hopefully come back and practice in Boise one day as a family physician.

Zach Weiss, MD

Boise Program 2019

I was raised in Albuquerque, NM and grew up loving the outdoors, going on family camping trips, skiing, and playing a lot of baseball and basketball. My interest in Family Medicine is rooted in my experiences before medical school working at a small medical clinic called Casa de Salud in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Here, I was inspired by Family Physicians who provided broad and holistic care to diverse patient populations with poor access to medical care, and I learned firsthand the critical importance of primary care. I was also involved with harm reduction work though the needle exchange program, working with patients addicted to opiates and developed an interest in addiction medicine. My experiences in medical school at UNM further fostered my interest in the broad scope of family medicine, from being able to provide care to infants, children, adults, and the elderly, and facilitating the development of long term patient relationships.

My interests within family medicine include inpatient and outpatient care, addiction medicine, and performing procedures. FMRI is a great fit for me because of its broad spectrum training, strong inpatient focus, rural medicine exposure, and most importantly the incredible residents and faculty.

Outside of medicine, I love traveling and exploring new places. During medical school, I traveled to Kenya for a research project and to India for a fourth year elective rotation, and have spent some time studying Spanish and traveling in Argentina as well. I enjoy playing music (mostly piano and mandolin), and love anything outdoors, including, hiking, camping, backpacking, and skiing. I’m excited to be here in Boise and explore all that Idaho has to offer!

Kade Klippenstein, MD

Boise Program 2021

Kade is a Midwest native who was raised on a cattle ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Although he prided himself on being a cattle caller, he felt there was a bigger calling in the field of medicine for him. Kade graduated from Augustana University with a major in Biology and attended medical school at the University of South Dakota. During his medical studies he was involved in teaching classes to incoming medical students and undergraduates, served at volunteer clinics, and did basic science research through the Scholarship Pathways program.

Kade has always had a passion for rural medicine and felt that FMRI would give him outstanding training in all fields. He wanted to be in a medical environment where he could deliver holistic, thorough, and up-to-date healthcare to each patient, making them feel valued and cared for as an individual and as a family. Kade finds the field of Family Medicine humbling, unique, and ever-changing. He feels extremely grateful for the class and faculty that have made him feel a part of the FMRI family.

Kade and his other half, Ali, enjoy hiking, camping, any outdoor sport, road trips, all genres of music, coffee, and a good game of Cribbage. Kade also enjoys an exciting hunting trip and a good book. He is also thrilled to gain the title of ‘Dad’ in the spring of 2019 and can’t wait to start his family in Idaho.

Zechariah Wilson, MD

Boise Program 2019

I was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where, amidst the busy city lifestyle, I was fortunate to grow up with loved ones who showed me the strength of family. Their support allowed me to pursue a career in medicine. I left Nevada to attend college in Orange, California where I met my wife Sheri. After college, I returned to my home state for medical training at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. While there, I was exposed to a spectrum of healthcare practice from small rural towns to large metropolitan areas.

Picture of Resident

I chose family medicine because it gave me the greatest potential to serve my patients and have an impact on community health. I believe good health creates the strong foundation and ability to launch an individual towards their dreams and goals. Medicine gives me the opportunity to fulfill my professional passion for the sciences as well as my personal mission to create strong local communities that will make positive global changes. When I’m not working, I spend my time with my wife exploring all that Idaho has to offer.

From great food and even better people, to endless outdoor recreation opportunities, we are always finding new ways to experience the Boise area to the fullest. Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biological Sciences, Chapman University Medical School: University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Ali Makki, MD

Boise Program 2020

Ali Makki, MD

I was raised in Baghdad, Iraq and attended medical school at the University of Al-Mustansiriyah College of Medicine, Iraq. My wife, also a physician, and I have three sons. I enjoy swimming, mountain hiking, and camping. I practiced medicine as a surgical intern, family physician, hospitalist and ED physician in Iraq, Oman and Jordan. I resettled in Twin Falls, ID in June 2009, working as a medical interpreter at St. Luke’s Magic Valley hospital. I chose FMRI because I  want  to have a broad spectrum of training in Medicine. As a family, we really love Boise, a beautiful city with a lot of great outdoors activities.

Minnie Yordon, MD

Boise Program 2019

I grew up in a family centered around community service and improving the lives of those around us, and so I knew from an early age that I wanted to be able to help fill a need in the world. Although I was pretty sure I wanted to become a doctor from a young age, that desire wasn’t cemented until I spent a semester in Mali during undergrad and was able to focus a little more acutely on the interplay of policy, medical care, and population health. I’ve always loved working with kids, and given my passion for women’s health and longitudinal care, family medicine was an obvious best choice for me. I’m a National Health Service Corps Scholar, excited to practice full-scope family medicine (including OB!) in an underserved location after residency. I picked FMRI because of the strength and broad scope of their training, especially in women’s health, and because of the vibrant resident community and strong faculty. I also love the focus on providing skills for rural practice. When I’m not working, I love to bake (especially bread), knit, do yoga, and get outside to hike or ski. Hometown: Norwalk, CT Undergrad: Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA Medical School: University of Connecticut School of Medicine Languages: English, French

Michael McRae, DO

Boise Program 2020

picture of a family

Growing up in beautiful Oregon, I spent a lot of time playing sports and enjoying the great outdoors with my five rowdy brothers. This, consequently, resulted in many ER visits which was one of several experiences that sparked my pursuit of medicine. After completing UNTHSC’s rural medicine track in Texas, I discovered that family medicine was the perfect fit for me. I love everything about it: the people with whom I work, the patients who share their deepest concerns and the joy that’s experienced when someone finally reaches a HbA1c <7. Family medicine is the best! Some of my passions within family medicine include nutrition/preventative medicine, mental health, rural medicine, emergency medicine, ultrasound, diabetes, pediatrics and procedures.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my gorgeous wife, Lindsay, and my two cute children, Grace and Kimball. We have loved biking on the Boise Greenbelt, hiking in the mountains, fishing along the beautiful rivers and navigating Google Maps to new, extravagant parks to unleash our two little kiddos. My wife, a dietitian, and I enjoy cooking tasty food together and enjoying our favorite snack, popcorn! After traveling and living abroad for several years in Israel and Hungary, I have developed a love for meeting new people from all different walks of life

There are many amazing Family Medicine programs, but FMRI was the best fit for me. After completing a sub-internship here, I realized that there were opportunities here which I wouldn’t find anywhere else. This training includes unique, broad-spectrum family medicine education with development of procedural skills and vast opportunities to manage HIV, Hepatitis, TB, etc. We love Idaho and are so honored to be part of FMRI.

Ryann Milne-Price, MD

Boise Program 2021

Ryann Milne-Price hails from a family that sells John Deere tractors on the Eastern Montana plains, but is moving to Idaho from the big city of Seattle, where she completed medical school. She took an extra year of school to get an MPH in global health, and so cherished this time to learn from colleagues from around the world. In her future, she hopes to practice medicine in the rural West and work to improve global access to reproductive health services.  Ryann loves raising ducklings, soaking in hot springs, and cross country skiing and can’t wait to move to Boise where she might someday get to do all three in the same afternoon. She is so happy to join the community at FMRI.

Daniel Mueller, MD

Boise Program 2020

picture of hikers in the mountains

Dan grew up in the village of Lakewood on beautiful Chautauqua Lake in western New York. He is the oldest of 5 and has three awesome younger brothers and a perfect little sister. Primary care medicine has always been a part of his life as his parents work as a general internist and a family doctor in the same practice. Despite that, Dan took a circuitous route to medicine, first getting a History and Anthropology degree from the University of Rochester where he loved working with his peers on various social justice endeavors. He also had an amazing experience as a Division III athlete running on the university Cross Country and Track & Field teams with an array of characters he feels lucky to have met and call friends. Even more fortuitous, he met his fast and adventurous wife-to-be, Sadie, who was also a runner on the women’s team. After college, Dan spent various time in more school, working, and a two year stint in Americorps under the guise of figuring out exactly what he wanted to do with his life while also supporting Sadie as she obtained her Doctorate in Materials Science at Vanderbilt University. Eventually he decided he wanted follow in his parents footsteps and study to be a primary care doctor and was fortunate to be able to attend medical school back in New York at SUNY Buffalo.

He and Sadie are thrilled to move out to Boise to train at FMRI and have the opportunity to explore Idaho. When they don’t feel too guilty leaving their two cats Liliana and Jupiter at home alone on their couch, you will find them running, hiking or mountain biking around Boise and the surrounding area.

Andrew Narver, DO

Boise Program 2020

Andrew (Andy) was born and raised in Boise. He attended Boise State University, where he completed his bachelor’s of science in Biology while catching as many Broncos sporting events as possible. Also during college, he immersed into the medical community as an ER Scribe at several of the Boise area emergency departments. He then moved to Oregon for medical school at Western University of Health Sciences. There, he developed a passion for Osteopathic manipulation and spent an extra year at WesternU teaching 1st and 2nd year medical students the art of manipulation. In this process, his medical interest in Integrative Medicine and Osteopathic manipulation grew.

Andy has been married since August 2014 to his wonderful wife, Annie. She is working toward her PhD at University of Oregon, studying Medieval Literature in the English Department. He and his wife are very excited to be back in Idaho for residency, closer to their families and to build a new family at FMRI. Their hobbies mostly involve being outside in the mountains; fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, snow skiing and snow shoeing. Additionally, they enjoy craft beer and wine tasting, along with cooking.

Jeffrey Pennings, DO

Boise Program 2020

Hello! My name is Jeff Pennings and I couples matched at FMRI with my partner Kelly Stanley. I was born and raised in Goshen, New York just one hour upstate of New York City. I attended Clemson University for my undergraduate and I am a big Clemson football fan! After finishing undergrad I moved up to North Carolina and received my medical education at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine where I met Kelly. We have both always been passionate about Family Medicine. My interest in Family Medicine started as a child seeing my dad practice as a Family Physician. This interest only grew in medical school as I served as the student member on the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians board of directors during my second year and third year of school. It was during my time with the NCAFP that I solidified my commitment to pursuing Family Medicine because it is the absolute best specialty in my opinion. I chose FMRI because this program is committed to training residents in full spectrum family medicine, allowing me to develop skills and knowledge to practice in any setting going forward. I also found that at FMRI there is a supportive and collaborative relationship between staff, residents, and attendings that makes this program feel like family. My goal at FMRI is to connect with patients from all different backgrounds and to work as a team with them to create better health and wellness in all aspects of their lives. Outside of medicine Kelly and I enjoy hiking with our pups Fritz and Henley, eating at all the delicious restaurants and breweries in Boise, and exploring Idaho. We are beyond excited to take on winter sports again and try out new outdoor sports like rafting, mountain biking, and climbing. I am also a runner and play soccer. Anyone interested in running should know that there are more trails around Boise than you could ever hope to conquer! I am so happy to be at FMRI and in Boise with its fun, vibrant downtown and access to the outdoors.

Kyle Renner, MD

Boise Program 2020

Growing up in a small farm town just west of Wichita, KS, my life has changed pretty drastically since moving to Boise. The mountains are just a short drive away now, outdoor opportunities such as skiing and white water rafting are virtually endless, and it’s just a little more crowded.

I went to medical school at the University of Kansas SOM in Wichita, and in my fourth year I was looking for a program that provide ample inpatient and outpatient procedural opportunities such as colonoscopies, thoracentesis, paracentesis, injections, and GYN procedures. Also, because I am going back to work in rural Kansas after graduation, I was looking for a program that could teach me everything I needed to know about ER, OB, inpatient and outpatient medicine so that I can be the “do-it-all physician” when I’m done here, and the fact that this program is completely unopposed in a city as big as Boise was a huge draw to me. However, the thing that convinced me this is where I wanted to train more than anything was the fantastic time I had during my interview here. The faculty were extremely approachable and supportive, and the resident dinner was a blast. Residents, spouses, faculty and even pets were all in attendance and everyone seemed like one big family.

I am engaged to my wonderful fiancé Jami, who will be moving here in September with our dog Goose (huge Top Gun fans and he is the ultimate wingman). In my free time I enjoy downhill skiing, fishing, rafting/floating, going to the lake, and any recreational sports I can find. I am a huge sports nut and will play/watch any game, and on every Sunday I have off you will find me supporting the greatest NFL team ever, the Kansas City Chiefs!

Ellen Richardson, MD

Boise Program 2021

Ellen grew up in a small Vermont town with her two sisters. She studied Community Health at Brown University in Rhode Island and became interested in medicine when she began studying alternative models of health in her disability studies classes. After continuing at Brown for medical school, Ellen is extremely excited to once again find herself in the mountains! During residency, Ellen hopes to continue pursuing her interest in full spectrum rural medicine with a focus in food access, women’s health, and disability medicine. When she isn’t at the hospital or clinic, she can likely be found skiing, hiking, cooking, or finding balance in her garden with her partner and co-intern Reuben.

Jessica Sallstrom, DO

Boise Program 2020

Jessica was raised in Maryland, the land of crabcakes and football. Her wonderful family and friends inspired her to have a curious spirit, a heart for people’s stories and lives. She made the trek to the PNW for undergrad and received degrees in biology and chemistry from Seattle Pacific University. Jessica attended medical school at ATSU-SOMA and moved to Portland, OR for clinical rotations. 

She had the opportunity to learn from amazing mentors all over the country: from a mobile clinic in Portland, to a level 1 trauma center in Brooklyn, NY, and an FQHC and critical access hospital in Washington. Though a research project on prescription opioid reversal agents at a syringe exchange, her passion for addiction medicine and harm reduction grew. She is thrilled to work with the FMRI team to provide compassionate care to families from all backgrounds and create innovative solutions to decrease health disparities.

Born: Maryland
Undergraduate: Seattle Pacific University
Medical School: A.T. Still University – School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (ATSU-SOMA)
Previous work: Youth Mentor/Tutor, Pharmaceutical Development Laboratory Technician, Physical Therapy Aide
Excited about: working with the urban underserved, addiction medicine, osteopathic manual therapy, and infectious disease.. On days off, you can find Jessica riding her bike to a coffee shop, backpacking in the Sawtooth Mtns, kayaking, or jet-setting somewhere new. Expect the unexpected!


Robin Sautter, MD

Boise Program 2020

Robin was raised in the small farming community of Lanesboro, Minnesota where her first exposure to medicine was through her parents, small and large animal veterinarians. While observing her parents’ medical practice, she gained an appreciation for the sciences and attended Drake University. During her undergraduate schooling she studied public health in Botswana and explored the biopsychosocial factors contributing to health in several of her college courses. From these experiences she felt that she would best serve as an advocate for health care and social justice through work as a family physician.

Robin completed her first two years of medical school at the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus then spent her third year of school completing the Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP) in Willmar, MN. In medical school Robin met her partner, Chris, who is joining her on the adventure out west, as he is a resident in the Boise Internal Residency program. For someone with interests in full scope family medicine, family planning, and refugee health, FMRI was the perfect fit for Robin to achieve her professional goals.

When Robin isn’t commuting by bike around the city, you can find her and her partner on the many miles of Boise foothill trails, rock climbing, tending their forever weed-growing garden, and bringing together family and friends as much as possible during this busy time in their lives.

Languages: basic Mandarin Chinese, basic Spanish

Elynn Smith, MD

Boise Program 2021

Elynn was born in Bozeman, MT and spent her early childhood in remote mining towns across Idaho and Montana—the one-room school that housed her kindergarten class even had a hitching post out front. Her family’s last relocation brought them to Caldwell, ID where Elynn graduated from Vallivue High School and The College of Idaho. At C of I, she met her husband, Dominic, while they were both running for the Yotes Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Circling back to her small-town roots, she spent a few of her summers during college working at the Delamar Gold & Silver Mine outside Jordan Valley, OR, before finding her way to medicine as a pre-med intern at the Salmon River Clinic in Stanley, ID. Elynn attended medical school at The University of Utah School of Medicine. Although she enjoyed her time among the red rocks of Utah, she is excited to be returning home to everything Idaho has to offer.

Elynn is interested in Women’s Health and Obstetrics, Preventive Medicine, and in mentoring and promoting medical education for students from rural communities. She also loves any and all outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, rafting, and camping, and she and Dominic are looking forward to doing all of these and more in and around Boise.

Kelly Stanley, DO

Boise Program 2020

Kelly was raised in a small town in California in the Sierra Nevada mountains. From there she went on to major in health sciences, with an emphasis on pre-med and Spanish, at the University of California at Santa Cruz. During college she spent a life changing summer teaching and working in Ngong Hills, Kenya. This experience drove her decision to work in healthcare, and to help to improve the lives of underserved and underrepresented communities. After graduating college, Kelly was offered a job doing HIV vaccine research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center which was of special interest to her after her time in Kenya. After three years in Boston, Kelly found that she missed the personal interactions with patients that initially drew her towards medicine and decided to apply to medical school. She attended Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine, and during that time was a student foundation board trustee for the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians where she enjoyed being involved in influencing healthcare policy. Medical school is also where Kelly met Jeff, her amazing partner and co-resident at FMRI. Wishing to return back West and be in the mountains, as well as both their desires for full-scope family medicine, Boise and FMRI were a perfect fit for Kelly and Jeff. Kelly has a special interest in obstetrics, women’s health, and LGBT+ healthcare, and is interested in continuing to improve her Spanish while in residency.  In her free time, she enjoys working on her house, hiking, biking, barre classes, eating all the good food, and exploring this awesome city with Jeff and their two pups.

Ty Waters, MD

Boise Program 2020

Raised: Boise, ID
College: University of Idaho
Medical School: University of Nevada School of Medicine
Facts: Ty worked as an ER scribe at St. Luke’s. He is married (wife, Amanda) with three kids.
Hobbies and Interests: Ty enjoys spending time with wife and children, hiking, camping, boating, basketball and foosball. He also coaches his daughter’s Y-ball basketball team.