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Raymond Clinic

August 1, 2018

Our Raymond Clinic has been the home location of our clinics and residency since 1983.  Our clinic offers Family Medicine healthcare services as well as a variety of specialty healthcare services including sports medicine with one of our Fellows, Rheumatology, Dermatology and offer assistance in speaking over 55 languages! We have 26 resident physicians working at the Raymond clinic; resident physicians have completed medical school and are getting an extra 3 years of training in Family Medicine. Resident and Fellow physicians have supervision by our faculty Family Medicine physicians.

Clinic location and contact info:
777 N. Raymond St.
Boise, ID 83704
Phone: (208) 514-2500
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Raymond Providers:
Raymond Faculty Physicians:  Dr. Edwards (clinic director), Dr. Bastian, Dr. Rich, Dr. DeBlieck, Dr. Glass, Dr. Williams, Dr. Palmer, Dr. Allen, Dr. Atnip, Dr. W. Gerrish, Dr. Martin, Dr. Shackelford.
Resident Physicians: Dr. Baker, Dr. C. Barnes, Dr. E. Barnes, Dr. Beyer, Dr. Claussen, Dr. Crisp, Dr. Florence, Dr. Foltz, Dr. Harrison, Dr. Jack, Dr. Jennings, Dr. Johnston, Dr. Kent, Dr. Makki, Dr. McRae, Dr. Milne-Price, Dr. Mueller, Dr. Pendleton, Dr. Pennings, Dr. Renfrew, Dr. Renner, Dr. Taylor
Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants:  Rachel Levich
Licensed Clinical Social Workers: Susie Johnson / Tom Ahlrichs
Sports Med Fellow: Dr. Wilson
Geriatrics Fellow: Dr. Weiss