Resident Perspective

Kaleb Redden, DO

Third Year Resident

Perspective on being in a Rural Training Track


If you have any inclination of working in a rural area, I would highly suggest starting your residency in a rural training track.  It is important to understand the  swath you will cut is most likely going to be a wider spectrum than in a more urban setting. You need to feel comfortable treating issues that might otherwise be referred to a specialist. The preceptors are aware of this and do their best to treat you like a junior partner or an apprentice. They provide academic teaching moments combined with hands-on, real life situations that allow you to hone your decision making skills. From day one, you have more responsibility and ownership of the medical service you cover in the hospital as well as in the ambulatory clinic setting. It’s important to get to know your staff and your patients as in a small town you will see those same people at the grocery store, at the gym, or at church and that takes some getting used to you. It’s a great place to train for broad spectrum medicine and sets you up for a great career as a family practice doctor.

Jacob Smith, MD

Third Year Resident

The uniqueness of a Rural Training Track: My Perspective

I am one of six residents in a small rural hospital that is an unopposed residency, which means all of our specialists across the board are very willing to involve me in anything and everything any time of the day or night. I have built a very close and personal relationship with all departments and specialists in the hospital and feel very welcomed in all situations.  The atmosphere here supports resident involvement whenever possible and most of the time it is, whether it be in a code situation or a patient crashing in the ICU.  I am expected to be involved and perform all interventions, if possible, and always have a great teacher at my side helping me along the way. This has been a great avenue to become more comfortable in all the scary situations residency will put you in as a new doctor. If you are an individual learner and a self driven person looking to become a great family physician, a rural training track program is the place for you.