General Overview:

  • Fellowship is divided into 13 four week blocks matching the residency schedule.
  • Fellow starts in Block 2 (approximately the end of July) and finishes at end of Block 1 of the following academic year.
  • Eleven of the 13 blocks are focused on surgical and high-risk OB (see template below).
  • There are two non-call blocks out of the 13. This allows the fellow to develop additional skills of his/her choosing.
    • Examples could include: NICU, gynecologic surgery, urology, general surgery, Planned Parenthood.
    • Fellow can still participate in the morning 0730 c/section during these blocks as available.
    • Call can be continued throughout this block depending on the elective.
    • Clinics, both MFM Continuity and FM Continuity, would continue with slightly more FM Continuity clinic, averaging 3 sessions/week.

Goals for the Fellowship:

  • Learn the surgical skills of cesarean delivery and post-operative management.
  • Gain further knowledge in assisted vaginal delivery.
  • Gain knowledge in high risk pregnancy management: antepartum, intrapartum, post-partum.
  • Assist with labor management, both normal and abnormal, in order to know when to go to c-section.
  • Obtain techniques to perform OB Ultrasound through all stages of pregnancy.
  • Increase obstetrical knowledge through a reading schedule.
  • Maintain Family Medicine skills through participation in continuity clinic.

Objectives for the Fellowship:

  • Perform 100-150 c/s.
  • Participate in as many vaginal deliveries as allowable throughout the year.
  • Follow high risk patients daily, either on antepartum or from admission through delivery and then postpartum.
  • Follow laboring patients while on call.
  • Participate in MFM US clinic twice/block and take a qualified US course at the beginning of the year.
  • Follow a structured reading plan during the year, which includes up to date articles from OB/GYN Journals, textbooks including Gabbe and Williams, and review of ACOG Compendium.
  • Assist with teaching the annual FMRI ALSO course in March.
  • Follow a continuity panel of FM patients on a weekly basis.
  • Give an ACMEC Grand Rounds lecture toward the end of the year.
  • Participate and assist in quarterly OB Journal Club.
  • Participate in morning OB lecture series and afternoon teaching sessions for the residents when able.

 Typical OB Fellow Four Week Block Schedule:

Week 1:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  0730 c/s   0730 c/s        
AM FMRI clinic (10am start) Call Off MFM/genetics UltrasoundClinic* Round  
PM MFM Conti Clinic Call Off c/s call FMRI clinic    

Week 2:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  0730 c/s   0730 c/s        
AM FMRI clinic (10am start) Call Off MFM/various Call Round Round
PM MFM Conti Clinic Call Off FMRI clinic Call    

Week 3:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  0730 c/s   0730 c/s        
AM FMRI clinic (10am start) Call Off Admin/Research Ultrasound Clinic* Round  
PM MFM Conti Clinic Call Off FMRI clinic FMRI clinic    

Week 4:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  0730 c/s   0730 c/s        
AM FMRI clinic (10am start) Call Off Call Round, then off Off Off
PM MFM Conti Clinic Call Off Call Off    

Ultrasound Clinic*During elective month or if US clinic not busy, then fellow could schedule themselves with Planned Parenthood to participate and learn LEEPs, colposcopy, or D&C.

Typical Call Shift:

0530 (approximately): round on postpartum, prep for daily c-sections.

  •  Check main OR schedule for potential hysterectomies, D&Cs, etc. to participate in if downtime from L&D and c-sections.

0700: multidisciplinary signout near L&D.

  •  Includes laborists, MFM, resident OB team, L&D Charge Nurse, and anesthesia.
  • Goal to obtain updates on overnight events and general schedule for the day.

0730: participate in first c-section of the morning.

  • During the day: monitor L&D board, check in on MFM antepartum patients likely to go to C-section, finish rounding if needed, assist laborist as “senior” on call would if the senior is busy.

Evening/night: manage labor, participate in c-sections when able, assist laborist on call (admitting MFM pts, triage pts, etc), catch up on reading.

0530 second morning: start rounding, check main OR schedule for possible, D&Cs, etc.

  •  Note: this is not a requirement, but if able and interested, fellow may participate in these surgeries.

0700: multidisciplinary sign-out near L&D.

0730: post call c-section.

Go home when done with operating, rounding, completing residual tasks from call night.


  • $3500
  • Required conferences:
    • OB US course, typically the Thomas Jefferson University advanced US course in Philadelphia.
    • Idaho Perinatal Project in March or April.
  • Three additional days for CME allowed to use at your discretion.


  • 15 days plus birthday compensated as appropriate.


  • Approximately: $65,000
  • Standard benefit package through FMRI

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